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The Creator of the #Bitcoin podcast - Tales from the Crypt

Founder and Creative Director of Marty's Ƀent, a daily newsletter about Bitcoin, and Tales from the Crypt, a podcast network with an interview series hosted by Marty and the weekly Rabbit Hole Recap show, co-hosted by Marty and Matt Odell.

Marty Bent is a long time Bitcoiner and is best known for his daily Bitcoin newsletter and podcast Tales from the Crypt that recently featured Twitter and Square Cofounder and CEO Jack Dorsey. Marty is an extremely knowledgable and articulate person that everyone should be paying attention to.

As the audience grew beyond my close circle of family and friends, so did the demand for different forms of content. This, coupled with a serendipitous meeting with Louis Roberts, led to the creation of Tales from the Crypt, an interview series aimed at signal boosting the people working on and around Bitcoin. Whether it be developers building out the protocol, people writing and talking about its economic incentives, investors putting skin in the game, or entrepreneurs leveraging the protocol to start businesses; I wanted to provide a platform to help people come to understand Bitcoin via many different perspectives.

I'd also like to thank my wife, who has showed nothing but unending support and encouragement. And last, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank you freaks for the support you have shown and your continued interest in whatever this is we're building together.


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Oct 2017
GP Podcast #1
Founded Jun 2017
Has appeared in Forbes, Coindesk, Barstool Rundown, Mrs. Dow Jones, What Bitcoin Did, Stephan Livera Podcast, Off The Chain Podcast With Anthony Pompliano
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